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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tutorial- Blended Sky

Hello Friends

I love soft auras around images colored with copic markers. It took me some trial and error and a bit of practice before I was able to get my own looking half decent! I want to share how I achieve the effect without an airbrush. I hope you enjoy the tutorial today!

Copic colors used: BG000, BG10, 0 colorless blender-make sure it is wet!

1. Begin adding your base sky color (BG000) around the image.

2. Add a second layer of the same color this time blend from the edge of the image outward in a feathering (or swooping) motion.

3. With each motion, your brush tip begins fully touching the cardstock and as you feather upwards the brush tip lifts off the cardstock as shown. Keep the direction of your brush strokes parallel to the horizon. Work with an inch or so at a time. Repeat if desired.

4. Add the second, slightly deeper color (BG10) in a thinner line right next to the image edge.

(Sorry for the blurry photos here, my daughter was taking pics as I was working. )

6. Use your wet blender pen to feather INTO the sky color. Begin by touching the brush end flat against the cardstock and feather (or swoop) upward into the sky area. Do not pull the blender all the way to the image edge or close to your second color layer. It is important to begin outside the colored area as the blender pen is removing color as you swoop inward and therefore ‘blending’ it into your first layers of sky color.

7. Feathering upward into the sky with brush tip parallel to the horizon. Repeat this blending process 2 or 3 times until your sky has a smooth transition.

Other color options for creating sky:

B000 and B00- bright blue sky
B91 and B21- duller light blue
C0 and B91- cloudy gray sky
Y000 and Y11- bright sunny
YR000 and Y00 or Y11- peachy warm sky before sunset
(pull the yellow out farther over the YR000)
C0 or C1 and BV20- dusky gray like before a snowstorm
I hope you find this tutorial helpful.... if so let me know with your comment:)


Anonymous said...

WOW!! This is gorgeous and very helpful!! And some people told me that the blender was useless!! I see that I need to get it out!! :) TFS!!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, Kimm! I can't wait to try out this fab technique!

Barbara "Bo" Trommer said...

I am going to try to do this. My only problem is the lack of blue Copics but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the tutorials -- they really help me.

Shari Nelson said...

This is very helpful, thanks for sharing!

Shelly Schmidt said...

This is just outstanding- you are so talented- I look forward to trying this. Thanks Kimm

Nadine said...

Kimm, you rock!!!