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Sunday, August 3, 2008

July Organization Plan

Organization and Maintenance- Begin a cleaning and organizing of your rubber stamps. If you store your stamps in plastic cases or CD cases, clean the outsides of your case with a mild soapy cloth and dry. If you store unmounteds or acrylic stamps in a binder, clean the surfaces of the binder pages and binder itself. Look at the rubber surface of your stamps for any that need cleaning. Use a cleaning solution designed for rubberstamps as they often contain conditioners and can prolong the life of your stamp. An inexpensive toothbrush can get into little crevices especially for pigment ink residue.
If your stamps need to be conditioned (they will feel stiff and appear dry, like an old car tire) apply a thin coat of glycerin to the rubber side, let set overnight then wipe clean.
Ensure that any stamp set names, stamp company copyrights or identification labels are secure or create new labels if needed.

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