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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dazzilng Glazed Ceramic Coasters

Hello Friends
This ceramic coaster set is SO dazzling with rich color and shine to the max! I made this complete set for a gift exchange. It takes a little extra time but is easy on the budget... especially if you have any of these supplies on hand.
You will need: Glazed ceramic tiles in black (my local Home Depot had them for 33 cents each), Folk brand Glass and Tile medium, Crystal Effects or Diamond Glaze, 2 colors of Pearl Ex pigments, multimedia brush and Tree House High Gloss Sealer. Optional: Primary Elements Polished Pigments color of your choice.

Step 1: Prime the tile by applying a thin layer of Glass and Tile Medium. Do not skip this step as the medium really makes difference in the final durability of the tile. Let dry 6-8 hrs. White tiles work too btw... just not as dramatic;)

Step 2: Prepare your Pearl Ex mixture- Mix approx. 2 tbls. Crystal Effects or Diamond Glaze with 1/2 teaspoon Pearl Ex until a smooth texture is obtained.

Step 3: Brush the Pearl Ex mixture onto the primed black tile. Allow some of the black tile to show through... how much is up to you. Let your brushstrokes show as well... it adds to the texture of the piece. Make swirls or crosshatch patterns with your brush... its up to you. Continue in this manner until most of the tile is coated. Repeat with a second color of Pearl Ex if desired. Here I used Aztec Gold and Sparkle Gold. Allow this to dry overnight (8-10hrs).

Optional: If you want an extra blast of rich color... mix your Crystal Effects (Diamond Glaze) with Primary Elements Polished Pigments. Use the same recipe as with the Pearl Ex... adding more or less of your Primary Elements to your liking. Don't worry about mixing your Primary Elements with any of the solutions... just mix the dry powdered pigments with Crystal Effects. Use a Kewl Tool to dab the color mixture over the tile. If you do not have a Kewl Tool... you can substitue a bathroom scrunchie (you wont be able to use it in the bath any longer). Here I used Hot Cinnamon... it is an awesome red!! Let this dry overnight (8-10hrs).

Last step: Spray your tiles with a glossy sealer. Hold 6-8 in. away and give it a good coating. If two coats of gloss sealer are desired, let dry between coats. I used Tree House Studios High Gloss Sealer... but have tried with Krylon Glossy Sealer and it works fine.
Finish your edges with 1/4" ribbon applies with a red line tape... press firmly to secure. Alternatively you can finish your edges with flat pearls or rhinestones. Apply cork or felt circles to the bottom corners of each tile.

Here is a close up for you... but it is hard to capture all the dazzle!
The glass votive holder was completed using the exact same steps. I'll be making more of these for my neighbors. Plan ahead 3 days as each layer needs to completely set before you add the next layer.
Kimm BT


Willow said...

I saw this previously and thought they were beautiful...decided to go back and take another look and gosh Kimm they are gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial...May your Christmas be all you would like it to be!!! Hugs, Willow

Trena in Naperville said...

Kimm, These coasters are beautiful - soooo kool! Thank you for the great instructions. I love to do coasters. I usually stamp or paint on them. I have bought several types at my local home store. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial:-) Your coasters are gorgeous. I make ceramic tile *photo* coasters, but I will definitely have to give these coasters a try.