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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Copic Tutorial- Blending Across Groups

Hello Friends
I want to share a quick tutorial with you on blending. I'm going to show you how I colored the leaves for this card.If you are working with the Copic color wheel your natural blending groups are those that share the same first numerical. In the photo below those are outlined in red and work their way across in an arch from lightest to darkest. (YG00-YG09). Natural blending groups closer to the gray core are more muted and therefore have more gray tones.

Sometimes when we are coloring we want to use colors not in the natural blending group but rather blend across color groups. For instance I can use a YG03 and YG17 for a leaf and use a dark green- G28 or blue B97 for shadow.

First I lay down the base color- YG03
Next I add YG17 for the leaf color and 'blend' with YG03 by softening the edges where the YG17 stops. As I layer the color, I'm not adding more color over the very edges and tips of the leaf as I want them to remain 'light'.

For the shadowing I use a G28 and blend with the YG17. YG67 also works very well as a shadow color for YG17 as it is a more muted yellow green color.

Lastly, where I want really deep shadows I add just a touch of B97 where the leaf folds over itself. Greens readily accept blue for shadows.
Stamp credit- PSX
I hope this tutorial will be useful! Join us for the Copic Challenge tomorrow!


Laurie said...

What a great tutorial, Kimm. Love your card, too!

Beth Norman said...

Beautiful job. Thanks for your tutorial--it was an excellent tip idea. Just bought my first copics.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautiful tutorial- I am working on the all green card still.......