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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Order Technique Junkies CD!

It's time for CD8 – Have YOU ordered yours yet?

Each year the Technique Junkie Newsletter tutorials are compiled onto a CD with 10 additional bonus techniques. They are reformatted as pdfs for easy printing and screen reading. The Eighth edition CD has 100 tutorials on it!

Here is an example of what the tutorials on the CD look like:


100 tutorials in that format – to access, view and/or print whenever you want. It’s a great value!

The 8th Edition CD is available right now for pre-order for $19.95 for non-subscriber US residents (Canadian and overseas, add postage). The CD is $14.95 for Subscribers ($15.95 for Canadians, and $16.905 for overseas residents).

Want to subscribe or renew? One year subscription or renewal with the CD is $29.95. A one year subscription is $16.95 ($18.95 Canadian, $22.95 Overseas). Prices valid through 12-01-10.

Simply email me for an invoice or send a check to me to the address below. Thank you!!

Pat Huntoon

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