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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Organizing Finished Cards

I needed to spend some time yesterday cleaning and organizing my stamp space. I am fortunate that I have my own delegated stamping area. We converted our garage to work space for my hubby (he gets half the room) and work space for me (I get the other half). My stamp space isn't pretty... but its functional!
One of the big tasks I needed to accomplish was to sort and organize my finished cards. I create about a dozen cards a month. Over the course of a year, I end up with more than a hundred! If I've not used them during the year... they sit in small boxes. Its these boxes of assorted cards (some full cards, some card fronts) that needed my attention.

Once I have totally completed a card including stamping any greeting on the inside and signed the back, it is placed in a 4"x6" cello bag with the proper envelope (sometimes those are stamped too!). These are then sorted by card types... birthday, cards for kids, Christan, thank you, etc. I keep them in a longer box as shown. I still have 20-25 more cards that need to be placed in cello bags with their envy... but I ran out of cello bags!

From here it is easy for me to grab a card and go. Often my kids will pick through my card box for something they need... Or I can easily prepare a box of assorted cards for a gift. Sometimes they are sold at $5 each... less if they are very basic.
I've seen other stampers with much prettier organization systems for their cards.... nice baskets and decorated boxes or lunch box tins are some ideas. I have to really discipline myself just to keep up with this functional system. I hope you have a system that works for you. Take a photo and post the link to your blog... I'd love to see other ideas!

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Stampin_Melissa said...

My system is similar to yours, I just don't organize as much! Ha! I put them in a storage box, with their envelope if they have one. (No cello bag nor sorted.) The problem is that usually when I need a card I don't see anything I like and have to make a card so these cards just sit. Now some of them are getting so old that I can easily see how my tastes and ability have changed.

BTW, if you want that lovely giraffe on the camo background layer I have a warm and loving home! :D