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Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Design Team!!

I am thrilled and excited!!
Thank you to all the great ladies who submitted their artwork for the design team call. I've heard people say before how hard it is to select one over another... and having felt that sting of what I saw as rejection... I didnt quite 'get it'. Now I understand because every one of the ladies who submitted had great artwork!! Selecting team members came down to finding a good mix of different stamping styles amoung the team.
After reviewing dozens and dozens of submissions for the design team I've selected 5 awesome stamping talents to join me in presenting the copic challenges! They each have a unique artistic style that I think a variety of stampers out there will relate to and find inspiration from their artwork.
Congratulations Ladies!
Shar Briss,
Ann Clack,
Chris Dickinson,
Cathy Edgar and
Laurie Gatton

The design teams artwork will appear on this blog beginning May 9th. Links to their blogs can also be found in the side bar!
Happy Coloring!


Ali Manning/newenglandstamper said...

Congrats to the new design team - can't wait to see their work.

Debby said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! An incredible and impressive line up. Congratulations to all. Yippee. Looking forward to seeing more fabulous art from these fabulos artists!